So, you have a website now. You’re probably wondering why. Well, there are a couple of reasons (in no particular order):

  • To establish your online identity. Having your own website will give you a little more control over what people find when they search for your name. Instead of finding random links that you have no control over,  they will see the interesting things that you’ve been working on.
  • Getting a job can be easier. Most employers will search for your name as part of their hiring process. Having your own great looking website can really show employers that you are talented and that you care about the work that you do. Employers can learn more about you and see examples of the kind of work you can do. You can even put your resume on your website.
  • Getting into the college you want can be easier too. Just like employers, college admission counselors also search for college applicants names. This gives you a chance to be in control of what they see and to show them your interests and accomplishments as well as the kind of work you are capable of producing.
  • Reach an actual audience. When you write a great paper, wouldn’t it be nice to have more people read it than just your teacher? Share your work with your friends and with the world. Many people find that they write better (or at least more thoughtfully) if they know more people will read what they wrote.
  • Showcase your talents in one place. It doesn’t matter whether your talents are in writing, drawing, singing, playing an instrument, acting, video editing, sports, academics, communicating or anything else. A website gives you a chance to shine.
  • Learn how to build a website. We’re using WordPress to build our websites, and WordPress is used by about 25% of the sites on the internet. The Wall Street Journal, General Motors, The Rolling Stones, Microsoft and NASA use WordPress. And that’s not to mention several famous individuals: Kobe Bryant, Katy Perry, Jay-Z, Chuck Yeager, Garth Brooks and Mr. Sommerer. Being able to build a website is a valuable skill.

By the way, you can delete this post when you’re done reading it. If you leave it on your site, it will seem a little odd to people. There are a couple of more interesting things you could do instead of deleting it:

  1. You could rewrite the top part in your own words. It’s pretty common to have a post (or page if you prefer) saying why you are building a website. But you don’t have to do that. It’s okay to have a website without that too.
  2. Instead of deleting it (in WordPress they use the phrase “Trash” or “Move to Trash”) , there are two other things you could do to this post. You can change it’s Status from “Published” to “Draft”. Then it will be available to you in the admin section of your website, but people who visit your site won’t see it. Or, you could change the Visibility from “Public” to “Private”. If you do that, then you’ll still see it on your website (if you are logged in), but other people will not.