Short Answer: It’s your website; put anything you want on it. Make sure it is professional, thoughtful and kind.

Longer Answer: You will occasionally be asked by one of your teachers to put something that you create for class on your website. They might do this to help you share something great that you did with the rest of the world. They might do it so that you can get feedback from a wider audience. But I hope you also put things up just because you want to. A recap of your latest game? Something in the world that you want to share your opinion about? The cute thing your little sister did? What you thought about the book you read? The Movie you saw? The possibilities are endless.

But remember, the whole world can read what you write. Make sure you proof read it before you publish it. Make sure it’s not Too Much Information (don’t share things that are too personal). Make sure it’s kind.

Finally, your website should look professional. Your website isn’t Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Posts to your website should have some thought and substance to them.  Pick the right tool for how you want to communicate. Sometimes that will be Facebook, sometimes Twitter and sometimes it will be your website.

By the way, you can delete this post when you’re done reading it. If you leave it on your site, it will seem a little odd to people.