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I Am From

I am from the Chiefs Santa hat

From Jack Links and Kraft Cheese.

I am from the nuns walking pa

Accomplishments and Awards


Volleyball: Varsity Letter 2015, 2016, 2017 All-Conference Honorable Mention 2016/17

Minor Prophet Project- Zechariah

Usually, in the ninth grade theology course "Israel and the Covenant" offered at Lincoln Lutheran, t

Energy Drinks Persuasive Essay

This year, in English 1,  we spent almost a month writing an essay revolving around a debatable top

Adversity Project Curation

In this English chapter, we covered a lot about Adversity. For our final project, we were tasked wit

Playlist Dealing with Adversity

Boy in the Bubble - Alec Benjamin
This song tells the story of a boy going to school and getting in